Warning: Life is Not Fair

by showupforlifeblog

written by: Stephanieimage

I can’t tell you how many times I used to think this, or ask “Why me?” Why are all these bad things happening to me, and no one else? I remember my son Krew’s very first Easter. As I sat watching my nieces and nephews running around so happy looking for their easter eggs, I started feeling sorry for Krew and myself. Questions started flooding into my mind. Will I ever get to hide Easter eggs for Krew? Will Krew ever learn to walk? After we left, as we were driving home, I started to cry. My husband asked what was wrong, and I told him how I felt. Will Krew ever get to experience what most kids get to experience? Such a simple thing as running around the park and going down the slide, or teaching him how to ride a bike, or teaching him how to swim. Will I ever get to hear Krew tell me how his day went or say,”I love you mom?” The truth is  I don’t know. My husband looked at me and said, “Steph look at Krew, he is the happiest boy I have ever seen.” Of course I knew this was true, but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I thought a lot about that after. One of my favorite quotes I have ever heard is by Norman Vincent Peale, “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” I agree with this 100%. I am not gonna sit around and feel sorry for Krew or myself. Yes, Krew probably won’t get to experience what most kids do, but that is perfectly alright. Does that make either of us less happy? Absolutely not! In the big picture, none of that is truly important. Life may not always be fair, but life is what you make of it, and I think my life is great. Krew is one of the happiest boys in the whole world. He may not walk or talk, but he has a way of getting to people. He makes everyone around him so happy. He doesn’t care if he can’t do what the other kids can. I feel like Krew teaches me more than I teach him.

Happiness is the cornerstone to everything in life. Sometimes we think having a nice house, nice clothes, or a nice car will make us happier. But truthfully, these things are not what true bring happiness into our lives. True, real, and unending happiness stems from within, and not from worldly possessions. For me, family is what brings me true happiness. Seeing Krew’s big happy smile everyday makes everything worth it. Next time life brings you down, or you don’t think life is fair, try focusing on all the good and positive things that you have been blessed with, and take my Mother’s advice, and go eat some chocolate!


Hope On.  Journey On.