Just Stick It

by showupforlifeblog


You know that moment when you realize you are more like your mom than you thought? The other day while unloading the dishwasher, I quickly dumped the silverware into one big pile in the drawer, thinking that I would put them in their appropriate spots later.  A few hours later, my teenage son and husband walked in wondering who could possibly unload the silverware like this. I have to admit, I was a little annoyed. I remember my mom did that when I was young, and I always wondered why she just didn’t take the time to put them away, haha! Now I know. With 7 kids, SHE WAS BUSY!

There are many things we learn as kids, good or bad, that helps mold us into who we are as adults. It’s true what they say in life, that it’s the simple things that make all the difference. I think it’s the simple things that we most remember too.

My mom used to always put sticky notes up on her bathroom walls by her mirror or around it. Each note had a scripture, positive quote, or a note to herself about how wonderful she. She wrote these notes so that each day as she got ready or walked by she could see and read these notes to herself. I didn’t realize how amazing those notes were until I became an adult. When I was a teenager and feeling not so good about myself, my mom and dad would tell me to write some notes of what I wanted to be or how I wanted to feel. They said the more I read them, the more I would start to believe what they said. I am sure I rolled my eyes at the time. Recently, I took out the sticky notes again and decided that I needed some more visual affirmations in my life. I am a visual person, so for me to see and read something over and over helps my brain to soak it in. It has helped me tremendously to read that I am important, loved, beautiful, and that I am going to wake up and be positive and smile!

When I was pregnant with my last baby who is now almost 2, I was so sick, the entire 9 months. Each day was difficult to get through. Especially since this was my first pregnancy without my Mother. I decided early on in the pregnancy I would take one day at a time. I wouldn’t picture the entire 9 months, because that was too overwhelming. I started writing little notes to myself each day. Every night I would right 5 things that I did well that day, and I would leave it where I could see it. I cannot tell you how much this helped me to accept my situation, give myself some much-needed credit, and help me get through each day.

When my mom passed away, I took some of her sticky notes and saved them. How could I ever have known as a teenager the impact these little sticky notes would have on my life as an adult.

If you feel overwhelmed with life or down on yourself, this is one simple thing you can do this week. Write down how you want to feel about yourself, pick your favorite quote, or what you did good that day. Stick them all over. Your family may think you are crazy, but one day they will thank you. Write some notes for your kids or your spouse as well. This is simple, and a good way to start feeling better about ourselves.

We are all in this crazy, fun, adventure called life together. So my challenge to us all this week, is to get writing and stick the notes all over. Be sweet to yourself and realize you are loved, needed and special.

Hope On. Journey On.